Tips and limitations

Here are some tips and limitations when using the supplied PatternMaker Templates: 


  •  Requires MDAC 2.5 (Microsoft Data Access Components).

  •  Use Attribute Tag "MAX" for unique Counter field (Primary Key). This will create an automaticly SQL Max+1 statement on insert.

  •  Use Attribute Tag "LOCKED" for disabled field (Primary Key). This should be used if Primary Key value is created by a Stored Procedure in the Database.

  •  Attribute Tag "CHECKBOX" defines Inputelements other than Text-fields.

  •  Attribute Tag "COMBOBOX" creates a filled Combo with a Lookup attribute.

  • The Input & Columns tab in the Class Wizard must include all Primary Keys.

  • Only the first entered Relation will be used when joining a ClassA twice or more to same ClassB.

  • Joined Attributes from Description Tab in the Class Wizard can only be used from two relations away.

  •  Description-Tab can only contain attributes selected in the Column-Tab.

  •  If the Menu-option Tools:PatternMaker:Help is not working you are having an old version of Html-Help. Start Help manually by double-clicking on the Help File in Rational\PatternMaker\Help directory.

  • Create synonyms if you are using a Database without synonyms for the Tables (DB2, Oracle).

Internet pages (Java Servlets/VB-MTS):

  • All fonts and Background images can be set in the style-sheet file Default.css.

  •  Copy the Sample to a subdirectory in your Web-root, c:\inetpub\wwwroot\pmdemo.

  •  The script SessionUtil.asp contains the database logon information.

  •  The statement [Const LANG="US"] in script SessionUtil.asp determines the Language for static buttons (use "SE" for Swedish).

  •  The statment [Const JAVASERVER=True] in script SessionUtil.asp determines if Java-servlets or Vb-Components should be used on the Internet Server.

Visual Basic application:

  •  The clsApplication.OpenApp() function contains the database logon information.


  • Use the Check Model button in the Execute Wizard to spot definition errors.

  • Make a <<Virtual>>Relation(only navigable from the Parent) when you want to create a shortcut(Relations Combobox) to another Class containing a matching foreign Key.

  • The Zip-files in the ...Rose...\PatternMaker\Samples directory contains the platform-files needed to run your projects. More info in the ReadMe-file in the Samples directory.